Baby Q&A #3 – What Programs Would You Recommend for Game Dev/Design?

What Programs Would You Recommend for Game Development and Design?

“I actually went to university to learn game design, and got a lot of good experience from it! Having dedicated blocks of time to learn, iterate, and present multiple games really helped beef up my portfolio and figure out the roles I was best at! But school isn’t always an option, or even the right open, for many people. Here’s some other options!

  • Brackey tutorials really helped me learn coding, level design, and troubleshooting said code (Unity updates constantly, YouTube tutorials do not).
  • Game Jams, like Global Game Jam helped me meet devs, create something to completion, and walk away once its done. No big commitment!
  • Joining discords and meet-ups can seem exhausting, but if you have the time or energy, they can be really nice! I’ve gone to and joined a few, like Game Dev London

– Amber-Leigh

Project Coordinator at Sweet Baby Inc.

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