Baby Q&A #6

What are the biggest roadblocks that are in a rising developer’s way when they start out in an industry and what should a person seek out to avoid pitfalls?

I think most people don’t anticipate video games to be as collaborative as they are. We talk to a lot of people who are starting out as writers or narrative designers in games, and the number one mistake is to approach this craft as if it’s something that happens in a vacuum – that you write a script, finish it, and then hand it to the team. The reality is that we spend more time talking, checking, ideating with cross-functional teams composed of artists, designers, programmers, than we do actually writing! So, don’t approach game development as a discipline that YOU have complete control over – approach it as something that you can help guide forward together with others.


– David Bedard


COO + Narrative Designer at Sweet Baby Inc.

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