Baby Q&A #4

How do you write a good story for a game?

“A ‘good narrative arc’ blends in with the other disciplines in a harmonious way. Narrative isn’t the only department that tells stories. Music, level design, animation do too. The good news with that is that the weight to make people feel something isn’t solely on your shoulders. Talk to people on other teams and ask for their input. Put your trust in them to help you tell the larger story together. Because games have so many moving parts, revision truly isn’t optional. It’s great to have a clear idea of where you want to end up, but if it’s too rigid you might end up with a story that asks the player to buy into something that contradicts what the gameplay is trying to get them to do. The written story of a game is good when it understands where it sits as one piece of a larger whole. Basically, coherence trumps a lot of other metrics, in my opinion.”

– Camerin Wild


Writer, Narrative Designer, and Inclusion Editor at Sweet Baby Inc.

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