Baby Q&A #2

How do you handle feedback? How do you know if you should take it or not?

“I always feel like feedback is easier to take and incorporate when you’re real clear on the integrity and intention behind your story (or the narrative team is clear on the integrity/intention etc). Because every story does have infinite possibilities, but only some of those possibilities will be right for your story, based entirely on the personality of the characters and their wants/desires etc (this is how I view story, anyway, but others may have a diff approach!).

My thinking is that being less tied to outcomes can be helpful, so that you’re open to the possibility of your characters behaving in a way that suits your overall story intention, even if you aren’t following the proposed plot to a T. Also, sometimes feedback will just feel wrong because ‘I know these characters, I know this story, and they wouldn’t do that/react that way or this isn’t the story I want to tell.'”


– Louisa Atto


Writer + Narrative Designer at Sweet Baby Inc.