Workshops: INK 101

Want to write entire games and stories with a free, interactive program? Want to learn a powerful narrative scripting language? Want to dive into over 90 minutes of Patrick Ewing (NOT the former New York Knick!)’s dulcet tones?

Ink is an incredible, versatile scripting language for games. In this live coding demo, attendees learned the fundamentals of using Inky, the editor program.

This workshop covered:

  • What is/isn’t Ink? Why choose it for an interactive fiction project?
  • Getting started in Ink: Branching and Gathering
  • Stitches, Knots, and Diverts
  • Story State: Variables and Conditions
  • A Q&A with Patrick Ewing
  • And more!

The workshop was led by fantastic Patrick Ewing. Patrick is a hybrid Narrative/Game designer currently designing interactive TV experiences at Netflix. Previously, he was a founder and creative director at Chance Agency, the indie study behind Neo Cab. Prior to that, he worked as a designer and gameplay programmer on Firewatch, and in another life was an early engineer at Twitter. Patrick has more Ink tutorials on his Youtube channel which you can check out here and you can also follow him on Twitter @hoverboard.

To learn more about Ink and try it out for yourself, check them out here.

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