Sweet Baby Inc. is an inclusion-focused narrative and consultation company. We’re building a team and a process in hopes of building a kinder, more sustainable industry at every scale. Whether you need a fresh pair of eyes or a guiding hand, we’re here to work with you.

Our Approach

We begin with an all hands review and discussion of the project material. Everyone at Sweet Baby sees your project and shares their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. We do this because it kicks the project off with a multitude of perspectives, beginning a conversation that ensures the work is richer and more resonant before it’s even put to paper. We then create and complete narrative deliverables by keeping the player in mind, with a focus on user experience and emotional design. We aim to consult with honesty, transparency and a conversational approach to help find the best direction for your project.


We bring in diverse voices to solve diverse problems. Sweet Baby Inc. provides narrative consultation at any stage of development, boasting a team of diverse talent with vetted industry experience to best bring your story to life.







From cinematics to barks and everything in-between, we tackle every type of writing for any type of game. We bring excitement, emotion, and character to the forefront, and aren’t afraid of breaking something down to build it back up.

We do: Cinematics, Dialogue, UI/UX writing, Barks, Copywriting, Etc.



Whatever your story needs, we’re here to help. We tackle narrative and character in any form, keeping emotional resonance and authenticity at the heart of our work.


We do: Story pitches, World Building, Character Creation, Narrative Design, Story Feedback and Tweaks, and more.



We believe that representation is key to connecting players and audiences,and we offer a few ways to help your team and project gain the perspective needed to make it happen. We’re part of an inclusive and knowledgeable community of diverse consultants, able to cover a wide range of cultural and sensitivity topics. Our approach leads with the creation of joy in marginalized players, and seeks to be additive rather than strictly corrective.


We do: Cultural Consultation, Sensitivity And Inclusivity Reading, Risk and Opportunities Assessment, and more.



We can tackle development projects big and small. Whether you’re making smaller, more focused games or bigger, full-fledged multimedia projects, we can assemble and lead an amazing team of new and marginalized voices who can bring it all to life. 


We do: Full-scale Game Development and Interactive Fiction

The Sweet Babies

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