New and marginalized talent can change this industry if given the proper support. We want to provide this through our outreach programs.

Industry Reform

From opaque industry practices to a lack of entry-level roles, we understand the overwhelming challenges that come with finding a space in games. We firmly believe that open communication, compassion, and the fostering of new talent are vital to transforming the games space into a kinder, more collaborative industry. The industry is far from where it needs to be, but we believe it can get there with shared resources, diverse talent, and transparent industry dialogue.

Here is how we can support you:

  • Talk To Us
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Workshops and Q&A’s
  • Dedicated Mentorship Projects

Talk To Us


Whether you’re a veteran or an emerging talent, it can be hard to find someone to talk to about working in the industry. We are here to connect, confer, conspire, and help you where we can. Ready to talk? Click here to reach out.

Portfolio Reviews


If you’ve already built a portfolio and are looking for helpful advice on how to improve it, we would love to take a look and see how we can help! Email us to get in touch about a portfolio review.

Workshops and Q&A’s


We regularly run free workshops and Q&As over Zoom to help bring shared experience from established folks in the industry to those just starting out. Topics range from specific software tutorials to casual conversations about roles in the industry. Follow us on Twitter to receive updates on upcoming events and click below to see past workshops and tutorials!

Dedicated Mentorship Projects


We occasionally set up entire projects with the purpose of letting mentors and mentees build something together as they learn and share knowledge. We’re not running one of these at the moment but can let you know when it happens!