External Organizations To Find Support

There are a lot of organizations out there working to connect emerging and marginalized talent in the games industry. Putting yourself out there and making connections with those offering it can be a great way to learn more about the industry and how you personally can get involved.

These are some organizations Sweet Babies have had helpful experiences with:

GLITCH is an organization working to support those trying to break into the industry in a number of ways, particularly for those looking to establish their own studios or develop their own projects. Their Founder’s Kit is a great toolbox for those looking to develop pitches or create their own business. They have teams of advisors, funding initiatives, and showcase new games to help break down the current barriers to access preventing many from getting into the industry.

Playcrafting is a company working to empower and connect the game development community through education and events. They offer classes in development platforms, offer workshops, and bridge a network of industry experts with those looking to learn and connect.

Game Devs of Color Expo is a multi-day conference with a mission to amplify people of color in games and work to create an industry that is more equitable and intersectional. The Expo and their programming help in sharing knowledge, access, and opportunities and connecting people and communities. The 2022 GDOC Expo will be taking place virtually from September 15-18 and is a fantastic opportunity to learn and connect.

Game Loop Montreal/Boston Game Loop is an “anti-conference”/user-generated conference open to anyone working or involved in the culture of games interested in discussing related topics. Through Game Loop, you can sit in on any session to listen and participate, you can pitch your own session for discussion, and meet other participants. Sessions cover a wide rand of topics from narrative design to mental health. The 2021 event took place virtually.

Gameheads Oakland is a tech training program offering education programs, career advising, and hands on training in game development and design for low-income youth and youth of color to prepare them and give them the tools to thrive in any field. They offer support to youths aged 11-25 based in Oakland, CA.

The Queerness and Games Conference is a community-oriented event highlighting the intersection of LGBTQ issues and games. The event is free and open to the public, connecting all kinds of people from students, to artists, to industry workers with the mission of making “welcoming spaces for discussing sexuality, gender, race, and difference in video games.” The talks from 2020 are available on their Youtube channel.

Pixelles Montreal is a non-profit working to empower and bring more women into the industry, regardless of previous experience or programming knowledge. Pixelles offers monthly workshops, mentorship programs for aspiring talent, social and networking events, game jams, a portfolio writing program, and more.

Dames Making Games is a non-profit with a mission to create space for marginalized creators to learn and network, offering a variety of free events, workshops, resources, and services. DMG is based in Toronto but ,any of their events are virtual right now, including writing workshops, speaker events, and game jams. DMG is not exclusive to women, and seeks to create a safe place for all queer and gender-marginalized people.

We’d love to hear from you if you know of other organizations doing similar work!