Baby Q&A #1 – What’s the Difference Between a Games Writer and Narrative Designer?

What’s the Difference Between a Games Writer and a Narrative Designer?

“On a game team, a writer is someone who writes all of the words that are in the game – the things characters say, the names of places and items, the words in the menus, etc. Oftentimes, the writers will be involved with a larger team to also determine the overall story, world and characters of the game.

A narrative designer is someone whose job is to figure out HOW the story is told in the game. If we want the player to be afraid in this level, do we have the character say they’re afraid, do we want scary music, do we make the light in the level flicker? Because the narrative designer is more concerned with the HOW, a lot of their work is collaborative with other team members in other departments.”

– David

COO + Narrative Designer at Sweet Baby Inc.

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